Hedy Lamarr Animated Doodle

Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-American actress during MGM's "Golden Age" who also left her mark on technology. She helped develop an early technique for spread spectrum communication. In 1942, during the heyday of her career, Lamarr earned recognition in a field quite different from entertainment. She and her friend, the composer George Antheil, received a patent for an idea of a radio signaling device, or "Secret Communications System," which was a means of changing radio frequencies to keep enemies from decoding messages. Originally designed to defeat the German Nazis, the system became an important step in the development of technology to maintain the security of both military communications and cellular phones.

Project Snowflake Poster

Poster Designed for PJM Interconnection's out-reach event "Project Snowflake". Employees choose an ornament from trees placed all over the office and buy the gift for children who cannot afford gifts for the Holidays.

Total Rewards Collateral

Total Rewards Fair poster, event welcome poster, and half sheet hand-out card. Project was done at PJM, a corporate company. These elements were designed for the 2015 Total Rewards Fair, which is a fair that employees go to to learn about many benefits that PJM has including dental care, banking, health support and others. I designed each icon.

TotalRewardsPoster TotalRewardsFairWelcomePoster TotalRewardsFairHalfSheet
Process Navigator Handout

Process Navigator is a resource that helps guide employees in designing, analyzing, and improving processes at PJM Interconnection. This is a handout that was given to all employees that came with the phone vent clip and water bottle holder. All of these illustrations are created by me.

USB Chair Drop

Handout to let emplyees know of the new USB security implementations. Graphic illustration represents the dangers of using non-approved PJM USB devices.

Other Work