National Museum of American Jewish History Satellite Exhibit

Satellite exhibit designed in class for the National Museum of American Jewish History. Would be located on Eakins Oval in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This exhibit tells the story of the jewish migration into america. The design of this exhibit mimics the architecture of the museum itself. The 6 panels represent the struggles and segregation the Jews had in the beginning of their migration(the tallest representing a wall being up) and as time went on and more Jews migrated, they were finally blended with everyone else in America(the last panel being flat that you can walk on and see over with no blockage). The six shapes were also derived from the shapes that make up the jewish Star of David. Tourists would be able to view the exhibit from the top of the rocky steps at the art museum and see the shape of the Star of David with a design that includes the American flag to represent Jewish Americans.

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